Tips For Cleaning Your Property Following A Sewer Backup

Cleaning up after sewer overflows can be a dirty job. Flood and sewer back flows contain fecal mater, bacteria, viruses and other disease causing agents. The water itself damages walls, floors and possessions the longer it sits. Sewer back flows and floods also typically send in large quantities of mud, muck and grime which can stain building materials and furniture. Injuries can also occur when cleaning up this type of damage. Electrical shock is one such common injury people suffer when trying to repair this type of damage on their own. It requires special safety equipment to clean up a Sewer Back Up. There are companies well versed in cleaning up sewer overflows.

Sewage clean up will help to remediate water damage caused by sewage back-flow. It is vital to dry out the affected area as quickly as possible. Water damage from flooding is a threat to your health and home. Standing water needs to be removed as soon as possible or it becomes a breeding ground for hazardous microorganisms. Immediate water removal and extraction will ensure no further damage happens to your home. Restoration Pros clean up crews are licensed, insured, and bonded and has the necessary training, equipment and supplies necessary to quickly remove all water at the disaster scene. Restoration Pros even has the ability to repair any structural damage that may have occurred due to the flooding, as well as decontaminate the flooded area once it is dry with microbial cleaners to kill germs. Restoration Pros will also remove any stains, odors and grime from the flooding, returning your home or business to pre flooding conditions.

Restoration Pros flood and sewage clean up team will take every necessary step to ensure that your home or business is returned to a safe and clean environment. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for any flooding or disaster calls. The sooner you act on a flood or sewage backflow, the less structural damage that will need to be repaired. We will repair the flood sources and use moisture detection devices to detect other problem areas in your residence. We will also conduct mold inspection to ensure there are no hidden sources of mold, mildew and fungi which can cause allergens and irritants as well as produce toxins. Our sanitation methods will kill any microbes and pathogens brought in by the flood waters.

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