Strong Storms Bring Heavy Rain, Ice, Snow and Flooding

A series of strong storms are moving across the Midwest bringing heavy rain, ice and snow. The weather is also threatening to cause power outages, dangerous driving conditions and possible flooding. There are major flooding concerns in southeastern Wisconsin as that area is getting a lot of unwanted rain. A flood watch is in effect for all of southeastern Wisconsin through Friday. With the recent melting of snow and the additional 3 to 4 inches of rain falling, there’s a very good possibility that serious flooding will occur in flood-prone areas.

The inclement weather is bringing rolling thunderstorms, high winds and hail with very cold air. The weather is very active and dangerous and is taking areas that were enjoying warm, spring-like weather and pushing them quickly back into the grips of winter. As of Wednesday night, there have already been reports of tornadoes with injuries in Arkansas.

What’s causing this wild weather is very cold air dropping down from Canada. As the cold air arrives, it’s bringing snow to some areas as well as thunderstorms and even ice. The threat of severe weather has formed a crescent in the country that stretches from Houston up to St. Louis, on to Pittsburgh and then further to New York City. People living in that portion of the country should be aware of the very real threat of severe weather ranging from heavy thunderstorms to ice and the possibility of tornadoes developing all through the day on Thursday. A foot of snow could fall on some areas Thursday including the Twin Cities of Minnesota and Duluth, certainly the companies that help with property disasters are going to be busy, but for everyone else the misery is going to continue for some time until the cold weather moves out of the region.

The storms that are packing snow, ice and dangerous winds which have knocked out power in communities across the Midwest have prompted the governor of Minnesota to order the state’s National Guard out to help residents Wednesday. The ice has left thousands of that state’s residents in the dark and to make matters worse, the stormy weather is threatening to dump several inches of heavy wet snow in the state by Thursday. The southern portion of Minnesota is being forecast to get anywhere from 7 to 14 inches of new snow from Wednesday night into Thursday.

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