New Orleans and Baton Rouge Residents Race To Protect Their Properties Against Isaac

What Homeowners Can Do To Protect Their Property From Hurricanes

Protecting A Home From Hurricane Damage

The time to prepare for a hurricane isn’t when it’s about to hit. Before storm season purchase windows that are impact-resistant along with solid shutters. Doors should have sturdy deadbolt locks and windows need secure locks as well.

Take advantage of advanced warnings to cut and drill ¾” heavy plywood. Drill the pieces over the frames of all windows and outside facing glass doors. Metal shutters can be used as well. Tape across windows doesn’t help and is a waste of time.

Covering and securing the doors and windows on the entire house prevents wind from blowing inside. This can create an updraft that raises the roof off your home and can make the walls fold in. Brace your garage door for the same reason, and home improvement stores have kits available to brace them.

Straps can protect your roof in a hurricane, bolting your roof to the entire house. Roof tiles or shingles need to be secure. Roofing cement will fix loose tiles and protect the material underneath. Seal areas where water can enter the house, generally around wires or pipes.

Trim weak trees on your property and remove the dead ones. If large outdoor pots are on casters, roll them against the back wall of the garage.

Check if your home is in a storm surge zone to see if you will have to evacuate. Know where you need to go if you’re evacuated and how you’ll contact family members after the storm if you’re separated. If you won’t be evacuated, know which is the safest room in your house to ride out the hurricane.

Have a bag pre-packed with important items, like legal documents, cellphone and solar charger, prescriptions, and a change of durable clothes in case you have to leave in a hurry. If you stay in your prepare a survival kit with water, non-perishable food, a radio with extra batteries, a manual can opener, first aid kit, and other necessary items.

Stay tuned to the weather station for updates and forecasts. You need to be ready to leave in a moment’s notice. Those who live in mobile homes or houses that wouldn’t hold up in a hurricane force wind need to evacuate before others.

Take an inventory of your possessions and keep photos with your important documents to be used for identification or for insurance purposes. Keep your homeowner’s insurance up to date. Get other policies to fill in coverage gaps.

Preparedness will insure that your home is well protected and that you are as safe as possible during a hurricane. If your home or business has been damaged from a hurricane, contact a local restoration service company to get assistance with water removal, emergency repairs and reconstruction to help reduce the potential of mold or long term structural issues.

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