Tips for getting improved insurance rates for California drivers

It is important for drivers who reside in the state of California to know how to get improved auto insurance rates. Car insurance can be expensive. Every six months drivers have their car insurance policies renewed so it is important for people to take the right steps to secure the lowest premium rates possible. Here are some tips for getting improved car insurance rates in California.

Work on Your Credit Score

Many drivers have low credit scores. It is important for people to try to maintain a healthy credit score as it points to how financially responsible they are. Bills should be paid on time and individuals should focus on debt reduction so that they can increase the credit score and lower their premium rate.

Maintain a Clean Driving Record

People who remain accident free often qualify themselves for a good driver discount. Many people have their insurance premiums increase if they get a speeding ticket or even get involved in a minor car accident. Drivers should make sure that they obey all of the traffic laws and keep their speed level in check. If drivers can accomplish this then they can get a discount of up to 15% off of their premiums.

Take On More Financial Responsibility

Individuals who have comprehensive or collision car insurance can take on financial responsibility in the form of a deductible. The higher that a deductible is set, the better this is for the driver. This is because auto insurers see this as them taking on less of the financial burden in regards to insurance claims. Drivers who increase their deductibles can get lower rates.

Be Careful about the Selection of a Vehicle

Cars are evaluated by their make, model and safety features to determine how much it will cost to insure them. Drivers should evaluate the safety ratings of cars before they purchase them. People who own convertibles or luxury cars might want to decide to switch to a lower priced economical vehicle as they are often more affordable to insure.

Consider Your Location

Where a person lives can hurt or help their car insurance rates. One way to improve the rates is for individuals to seek out areas that have lower instances of crime. The higher that a crime rate is the more people will have to pay for coverage.

Get Married

People who get married can improve their insurance rates. People who are single pay more for coverage than those who are single. When couples get married they can add each other to their coverage and save money on their premiums.

Look for a Loyalty Based Discount

People who bundle their insurance coverage can receive a loyalty based discount. Consumers can improve their premiums by simply getting coverage through their existing insurers. Many people receive a great discount for doing this.

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