Severe Cold Weather Could Create problems for Property Owners

Are you prepared to freeze during the upcoming week? Well with some help from our weather forecast that hopefully won’t happen to you. While you’re out you may wanna pick up some scarves, mittens, long underwear or any other type of warm clothing to make it through this cold front. Currently the coldest air of the season is coming to the Midwest and will spread to the Northeast in the coming week. A blast of cold air is on its way to Washington, D.C. Fortunately it seems as though the cold air will be slightly delayed allowing temperatures to sneak into the low to mid 40s in the capitol. Farther West it’s a different story however with terrible weather including winds across much of the center of our country causing it to become colder.

Live in Chicago? Well unfortunately the temperature won’t be much of a higher number then your youngest children. For some other states such as North Dakota and Minnesota the wind will hit with a below zero chill. All this starting on Monday. Pennsylvania and New York will have snow flurries and lake-effect snow through out the Great Lakes region. With cold air coming down from Canada we can expect the weather to continue like this into the eastern part of the country into Tuesday.

The weather can range from low to sub zero on Tuesday along with a rare occurrence of the snow cover reflecting the suns warming rays during the day while storing the cold. It is also expected on Tuesday to reach the greatest areal extent while the areas of Nashville and Richmond probably won’t make it above freezing all day. In the Great lake region snow will fall in snow belts to the Southeast. I-95 cities from Boston to Washington, D.C will see above 20s.

broken pipe from cold weather
broken pipe from cold weather

Winds from New England flowing into west New York will cause it to stay in the single and low double digits. This will be in effect in the Northeast until Wednesday. Also keeping an eye on an area of low pressure coming off the Northeast on Monday and Tuesday will bring quick spouts if snow with them to parts of Maine. So you may wanna stay inside and remain nice and toasty through the start of this cold front week. Make sure to keep up on your stock of cold and flu medicine, cough drops, blankets, heaters, and food in case you get snowed in during what may be one of the coldest weeks we will see all year. This weather is going to be a problem for many home owners especially if you’re having trouble heating your house. Don’t plan on planting anything in your yard or garden for a long time, even if you live in the west. Cold weather often means dealing with frozen and burst pipes, so keep a number to your local plumber handy this week.