Tornadoes Sweep through the Midwest and Plains, 5 killed in Oklahoma

Tornadoes that swept through the Midwest and Plains Saturday and early Sunday killed five persons in Oklahoma and wrecked several homes, damaged a hospital, a hangar at Air Force Base and a number of other structures across the region.
Oklahoma officials reported that 5 people were killed on early Sunday a tornado moved through the northwest town of Woodland and the surrounding areas. Spokeswomen for the Department of Emergency Management, Keli Cain stated that the casualties were confirmed in the Woodward by the state medical examiner’s office.

Officials stated that there were reports of injuries but details about the number of injured people and severity of their injuries were not instantly available. Police authorities in the Woodward stated the search and rescue units from different areas had reached the affected area following the tornado strike.
As per the National Weather Service, the tornado struck the area at 12.18 a.m. on Sunday.
Roscoe Hill, mayor of Woodward, stated that apparently series failed to when the tornado hit, though they were working will when the storms moved through the area on Saturday afternoon. Area with the mixture of residential properties and businesses was struck by the tornado, Hill added.
Reports of storms were also received from Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas.
The National Weather Service issued sobering warnings that weather could turn dangerous during the nightfall considering that all conditions were right for producing strong and dangerous tornadoes. Officials at the weather service were concerned most about the outcome of violent storms striking when people are sleeping, not listening to the weather updates and couldn’t hear sirens for approaching tornadoes.
Plants of the Spirit AeroSystems and Boeing and McConnell Air force Base hangar were damaged in Wichita, Kansas, from a tornado strike. A mobile home park in Wichita sustained heavy damages. There were no reports of injuries or fatalities from the area.
In Iowa, emergency officials stated that the Thurman, a small town of 250 people located in the western region of the state, suffered major damage on Saturday night. Nearly 75% of the town was destroyed. A number of people moved to the City Hall to seek shelter.
The roof of a hospital in Creston, located 75 miles southwest of Des Moines, was damaged. Some of the hospital’s windows were also blown out by a tornado. However, no one was injured.

In Nebraska, baseball-size hail shattered windows and tore away siding from several houses in Petersburg and its surrounding areas.
Chief of operations for the Strom Prediction Center, Bill Bunting warned that the severe storm system could move through the areas of east Texas, Arkansas and the Great Lakes on Sunday.