Threat of Severe Weather This Week From Upper Midwest to Deep South

Threat of Severe Weather This Week

After a brief respite from severe storms over the weekend, the threat of blizzard and wintry storm returns to the Northern Plains this week again.

Last week ended on a violent note in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic with almost 170 total reports of damaging winds, hail and tornadoes.

The renewed spell of severe stormy weather is expected to start on Tuesday and last through Wednesday. Another spell may occur later in the week from a fresh system emerging out of the Rockies and advancing toward the Plains.

Warnings for blizzard and winter storm have been issued for almost all of South Dakota and parts of southern North Dakota as well as for north central Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin.

Severe thunderstorms can cause extensive damage to homes and other buildings. Water damage caused by severe storms is not only dangerous for your property, but also hazardous for your health. Stranded water or wetness in your home can cause deterioration, swelling, warping and crackling. Furthermore, moist and wet conditions can encourage mold growth in your home. It is important to dry your home completely within 48 hours after flooding to avoid mold development and additional damage.

Severe thunderstorms can create hail, gusty winds and lightening that can cause shingles to be blown off from your roof and impel sharp objects and debris through your walls and windows. After a severe storm, trees and broken branches may fall on your home.

Any sort of damage caused by a severe storm should be reported to your home insurance provider without any delay. You also need the help of a reputable restoration service that can take action quickly to secure your valuable property and belongings.

A well-established restoration company has all the equipment and resources to start water extraction and drying quickly to protect your home from any further damages.

A professional property restoration company will send a certified inspector to inspect your home or business premises for damages, discuss with your home or commercial insurance provider to decide the extent of damage and restoration cost, prepare necessary documents, take photographs or make videos of the damage and carry out needed repairs to restore your home to its pre-damage condition.

National Restoration Network, is a renowned company that provides storm and hail damage restoration services. Some of the property restoration services provided by the company include water extraction, structural drying, debris clean up and removal, roofing, boarding up broken windows and doors, and mold testing and redemption.