Top 3 Promotional Credit Cards for Traveling for 2017

If you are traveling, you are likely to have to use your credit cards to pay for most of your expenses including accommodation and food expenses. For traveling, the best card to use to pay for you travel expenses is a travel credit card because it can offer rewards that can help to offset some of the expenses in your traveling. The following list was pulled from the comparison website are the top 3 promotional credit cards for people who frequently travel in 2017.

1. Discover it Miles
Discover it Miles allows you to collect 1.5 rewards points for every single dollar that is charged onto your card. It will automatically match the rewards points provided that you pay your balance in full every month. There is no set period which you must redeem the point. You can redeem the point at any time you want when you are free. You are entitled to free in flight WIFI worth $30 every year. On top of that, Discover it Miles also does not have any annual fee.

2. BankAmericard Travel Rewards Credit Card
BankAmericard Travel Rewards credit card provides cardholders an unlimited opportunity to earn 1.5 points for each dollar that is charged to their card. Kiplinger’s 2015 Best List ranks BankAmericard Travel Rewards card as the best credit card for traveling. It comes with a 1 year zero percent intro period and does not charge any annual fee/foreign transaction fee. It offers 20,000 sign up bonus points with a requirement that you have charged your card for at least $1,000. The sign up bonus points is worth $200 value and can be used to redeem statement credit to get discount on your travel expenses.

3. Chase Sapphire Preferred
Chase Sapphire Preferred is ideal for those who regularly use their credit cards to pay for their restaurant and travel purchases. The highlight of this card is that it offers 2x points when you spend money on restaurant and travel categories. The 50,000 signup bonus enables you to get a discount of $625 on travel expenses like air ticket and accommodation. If you book the trip via the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal, you can get up to 20% discount.

4. Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Credit Card
Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Credit Card will reward you with 2x points when you book your air ticket through the Southwest Airlines. Purchases in other categories will also earn you points. You get a free companion pass if you surpass 110,000 points in the year. You get a signup bonus of 40,00 bonus points if you manage to use the card to spend at least $1,000 within 3 months. You will receive another 6,000 rewards points at the card member anniversary.

5. Barclay Arrival World MasterCard
Barclay Arrival World MasterCard is ideal for people who don’t use the card for charging a large amount of expenses. You can earn a rewards rate of 2% for travel and restaurant related purchases. If you choose to redeem the rewards points in the form of statement credit, you will be able to get an additional 5% miles dividend.

Flooding Problems Continue to Plaque Colorado

All day long Thursday and into the night, emergency personnel continued their struggle with massive amounts of rushing flood water and more rainfall as they tried to rescue people stranded by flash flooding in Colorado that has so far claimed three lives. Most people living in Colorado were blind-sided by the flooding when they awoke Thursday morning as they had no idea that overnight rainfall would cause so much flooding that filled canyons with water and overflowed rivers from Boulder southward to Colorado Springs.

In less than 24 hours, the torrential rainfall dumped over six inches of water on the state of Colorado, washing out roadways, causing dams to breach and killing three people. An emergency declaration for Colorado was signed by President Obama Thursday. There were scores of very dramatic rescue efforts taking place all day Thursday. However, for much of the day, rescue teams had to wait by the side of flooded roadways or for the weather to improve so that they could help stranded people by vehicle, boat and helicopter.

On Thursday evening, the National Weather Service gave people of Colorado news they didn’t want to hear which was a flash flood warning in effect “under further notice”, a rather unusual warning. The most dramatic damage thus far has come out of Boulder where the NWS said a 20-foot wall of water rushed down a canyon north of the city, causing severe flooding.

One of the deaths that took place in Boulder County was due to a person being caught inside their vehicle in deep flood water. Another death occurred when a man who tried to save a woman stranded in her car was washed swept away by flash flooding. His body was recovered but the woman remains unaccounted for. There were also bodies found in a home that collapsed in Jamestown and on a road in Colorado Springs.

The small community of Lyons near the Rocky Mountains foothills was completed isolated due to what is being described as a “Five hundred year” flood. Residents of that town were using social media to try to locate missing people and to even ask for help.

The rainfall that started pouring down in what seemed like buckets, began in earnest at around 6pm Wednesday. The rain continued pouring well into Thursday at a rate of about one inch per hour to add up to nearly 7 inches of total rain. At the University of Colorado-Boulder, the rain overflowed a nearby creek, sending massive amounts of very fast moving water onto campus. The school was closed Thursday while hundreds of students living in a housing unit near the creek were evacuated.

Storm rescue teams from across the country were being dispatched into the region to help with cleanup and recovery efforts, the early estimate is that this could be well north of a one billion dollar disaster.

Tips for getting improved insurance rates for California drivers

It is important for drivers who reside in the state of California to know how to get improved auto insurance rates. Car insurance can be expensive. Every six months drivers have their car insurance policies renewed so it is important for people to take the right steps to secure the lowest premium rates possible. Here are some tips for getting improved car insurance rates in California.

Work on Your Credit Score

Many drivers have low credit scores. It is important for people to try to maintain a healthy credit score as it points to how financially responsible they are. Bills should be paid on time and individuals should focus on debt reduction so that they can increase the credit score and lower their premium rate.

Maintain a Clean Driving Record

People who remain accident free often qualify themselves for a good driver discount. Many people have their insurance premiums increase if they get a speeding ticket or even get involved in a minor car accident. Drivers should make sure that they obey all of the traffic laws and keep their speed level in check. If drivers can accomplish this then they can get a discount of up to 15% off of their premiums.

Take On More Financial Responsibility

Individuals who have comprehensive or collision car insurance can take on financial responsibility in the form of a deductible. The higher that a deductible is set, the better this is for the driver. This is because auto insurers see this as them taking on less of the financial burden in regards to insurance claims. Drivers who increase their deductibles can get lower rates.

Be Careful about the Selection of a Vehicle

Cars are evaluated by their make, model and safety features to determine how much it will cost to insure them. Drivers should evaluate the safety ratings of cars before they purchase them. People who own convertibles or luxury cars might want to decide to switch to a lower priced economical vehicle as they are often more affordable to insure.

Consider Your Location

Where a person lives can hurt or help their car insurance rates. One way to improve the rates is for individuals to seek out areas that have lower instances of crime. The higher that a crime rate is the more people will have to pay for coverage.

Get Married

People who get married can improve their insurance rates. People who are single pay more for coverage than those who are single. When couples get married they can add each other to their coverage and save money on their premiums.

Look for a Loyalty Based Discount

People who bundle their insurance coverage can receive a loyalty based discount. Consumers can improve their premiums by simply getting coverage through their existing insurers. Many people receive a great discount for doing this.

Michelle Sullivan brings over 17 years of experience in helping consumers shop for auto and home insurance, she has been as an independent producer and is the head of marketing and communications for Insurance Rates Quote a leading authority to help consumers shop for insurance information online.

Strong Storms Bring Heavy Rain, Ice, Snow and Flooding

A series of strong storms are moving across the Midwest bringing heavy rain, ice and snow. The weather is also threatening to cause power outages, dangerous driving conditions and possible flooding. There are major flooding concerns in southeastern Wisconsin as that area is getting a lot of unwanted rain. A flood watch is in effect for all of southeastern Wisconsin through Friday. With the recent melting of snow and the additional 3 to 4 inches of rain falling, there’s a very good possibility that serious flooding will occur in flood-prone areas.

The inclement weather is bringing rolling thunderstorms, high winds and hail with very cold air. The weather is very active and dangerous and is taking areas that were enjoying warm, spring-like weather and pushing them quickly back into the grips of winter. As of Wednesday night, there have already been reports of tornadoes with injuries in Arkansas.

What’s causing this wild weather is very cold air dropping down from Canada. As the cold air arrives, it’s bringing snow to some areas as well as thunderstorms and even ice. The threat of severe weather has formed a crescent in the country that stretches from Houston up to St. Louis, on to Pittsburgh and then further to New York City. People living in that portion of the country should be aware of the very real threat of severe weather ranging from heavy thunderstorms to ice and the possibility of tornadoes developing all through the day on Thursday. A foot of snow could fall on some areas Thursday including the Twin Cities of Minnesota and Duluth, certainly the companies that help with property disasters are going to be busy, but for everyone else the misery is going to continue for some time until the cold weather moves out of the region.

The storms that are packing snow, ice and dangerous winds which have knocked out power in communities across the Midwest have prompted the governor of Minnesota to order the state’s National Guard out to help residents Wednesday. The ice has left thousands of that state’s residents in the dark and to make matters worse, the stormy weather is threatening to dump several inches of heavy wet snow in the state by Thursday. The southern portion of Minnesota is being forecast to get anywhere from 7 to 14 inches of new snow from Wednesday night into Thursday.

As Texas Cleans Up, More Severe Weather on Tap for Southeast

Thunderstorms are in the forecast for parts of the Southeast Thursday and Friday as a storm system is moving across the region from the west. Strong to severe storms are possible Thursday and Friday along the Gulf Coast from southwest Louisiana to northern/central Florida and southern Georgia. The storm system’s main threats are strong gusting winds, hail, lightening and the possibility of isolated tornadoes.

The Houston, TX area was hit by severe weather Tuesday night. Not far from Houston in the town of Hitchcock, people spent Wednesday repairing windows on their homes and vehicles after an intense hail storm hit the community. The hail that fell there was the size of softballs, shocking residents. Throughout the day Wednesday, wreckers in that town were busy towing heavily damaged vehicles in for repair and contractors were equally busy with roof tarps and temporary property repairs.. Some Hitchcock homes had their roofs cave in from the hail that struck. More than half of the town’s police cars were damaged by the big hail stones while strong gusting winds were responsible for knocking down many tree limbs throughout the area.

The severe weather that moved into Texas caused street flooding in Houston and a house fire in Austin caused by a lightening strike. It also resulted in nearly 50,000 CenterPoint customers losing their electricity in the Houston and Galveston areas. In Marble Falls, TX, 450 cars and SUVs were damaged by hail at an auto dealership resulting in damage estimates in excess of $1 million. A large number of homes in Marble Falls had hail damage ranging from smashed out windows to damaged siding and roofs.

In Austin, the severe weather dumped about 2 inches of rain during rush hour Tuesday evening, snarling traffic and trapping motorists. At least 8 people had to be rescued from their vehicles because of flash flooding on Austin area roadways Tuesday late afternoon and early evening. In one instance, a motorist was plucked from the top of his car by rescuers on an aerial ladder set up precariously atop an overpass.

People living in the Panhandle of Florida can expect heavy rains and severe thunderstorms Thursday. As the severe weather moves eastward, residents of north and central Florida also will have to deal with the threat of severe weather. Moderate to heavy rainfall is being forecast for these areas of Florida which brings with it the possibility of flooding and especially to low lying areas and along streams and rivers.

Severe Cold Weather Could Create problems for Property Owners

Are you prepared to freeze during the upcoming week? Well with some help from our weather forecast that hopefully won’t happen to you. While you’re out you may wanna pick up some scarves, mittens, long underwear or any other type of warm clothing to make it through this cold front. Currently the coldest air of the season is coming to the Midwest and will spread to the Northeast in the coming week. A blast of cold air is on its way to Washington, D.C. Fortunately it seems as though the cold air will be slightly delayed allowing temperatures to sneak into the low to mid 40s in the capitol. Farther West it’s a different story however with terrible weather including winds across much of the center of our country causing it to become colder.

Live in Chicago? Well unfortunately the temperature won’t be much of a higher number then your youngest children. For some other states such as North Dakota and Minnesota the wind will hit with a below zero chill. All this starting on Monday. Pennsylvania and New York will have snow flurries and lake-effect snow through out the Great Lakes region. With cold air coming down from Canada we can expect the weather to continue like this into the eastern part of the country into Tuesday.

The weather can range from low to sub zero on Tuesday along with a rare occurrence of the snow cover reflecting the suns warming rays during the day while storing the cold. It is also expected on Tuesday to reach the greatest areal extent while the areas of Nashville and Richmond probably won’t make it above freezing all day. In the Great lake region snow will fall in snow belts to the Southeast. I-95 cities from Boston to Washington, D.C will see above 20s.

broken pipe from cold weather
broken pipe from cold weather

Winds from New England flowing into west New York will cause it to stay in the single and low double digits. This will be in effect in the Northeast until Wednesday. Also keeping an eye on an area of low pressure coming off the Northeast on Monday and Tuesday will bring quick spouts if snow with them to parts of Maine. So you may wanna stay inside and remain nice and toasty through the start of this cold front week. Make sure to keep up on your stock of cold and flu medicine, cough drops, blankets, heaters, and food in case you get snowed in during what may be one of the coldest weeks we will see all year. This weather is going to be a problem for many home owners especially if you’re having trouble heating your house. Don’t plan on planting anything in your yard or garden for a long time, even if you live in the west. Cold weather often means dealing with frozen and burst pipes, so keep a number to your local plumber handy this week.

Learn When To Board Up Windows and Doors Before Hurricanes Arrive

Should You Board Up Windows Before A Hurricane Evacuation Order There are many different things you should do when you know there is a hurricane coming.

One of the most underrated things is to board up your windows in your home. What Windows To Cover You should cover all your windows if you can, but the most important ones are going to be the windows that are facing where the storm is coming from. These windows are going to be more important than some of the others. The reason for this is the force of the wind is going to be coming from that direction and could potentially take out the windows on that side of the building.

What Wood To Use

There are several different kinds of wood that you can use for covering your windows prior to a storm like this. One of the best is plywood that is a little thicker than the standard. This way you won’t have to worry about it being pulled off of your windows and letting debris into your home. The last thing you want is to have more problems with your home than you already may have from a storm like this.

What to Do With Your Windows

When you board up your windows, you do need to make sure they are closed completely and locked to help them hold up against the wind that may come with the storm. If you are able to keep them closed, they are more likely to stay in tact and not break from the force of the wind or rain coming with the storm. You don’t want to take the windows out of your home because they add another layer of protection that could help keep the storm from destroying your home. When you Get Back After the storm is over, you should evaluate any damage you have and look at the windows and the frames to see if the wood helped your home. Most of the time, it will have saved your windows and possibly your home from further damage. You should take the boards off of your home and try to get back to something normal with your life and your home. There are many things you should think about before you leave an area that is going to have to deal with a storm like this. Boarding your windows is one of he best steps to take, but it shouldn’t be the only one. If you aren’t sure about what you need to do, you can talk to FEMA or visit their website for more information on what is going to be the best course of action for you and your home.

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If Hurricane Isaac Hits Mobile Alabama Will the Casinos Close Down

It is rather difficult for you to always forecast the weather and know what is going to be taking place within the next few hours, let alone the next few days. If you live in Mobile, Alabama or are just considering a trip to the region, you are probably looking at the weather forecast, looking to see what Hurricane Isaac is going to do. If it is going to strike the region, you probably don’t want to be near, as this might cause a bit of damage and shut a few businesses down. It does depend on a variety of factors though, as it might just be a bit of rain coming down. If you want to visit the local casinos, you need to know if the hurricane is going to shut these down or not. Well, it is difficult to tell this ahead of time, It depends on a few different factors, so make sure to keep this in mind, before you go about determining if the casino is going to be closed and if you want to venture to Mobile or not.
Ultimately, it really depends on what the city decides to do. The casinos in the area are all about making money. If there is money to be had, there are going to stay open. There really isn’t any denying this fact at all. Plus, as the casinos don’t have windows, these are actually some of the safest locations to be during a storm, so not only does it want to stay open to make money, but it allows people to come in out of the rain and stay safe. However, if there isn’t anyone around in the area to play the games, they aren’t going to stay open. Due to this, if the city states it wants people to evacuate, the casinos are going to close down. There is no reason to stay open if nobody is staying in the city. Besides, most people who stay behind when such a mandate is made usually stay inside their houses and don’t venture out of the house.
If no such decree from the city is given, the casinos are probably going to stay open. Other businesses might close down as they don’t want to risk the insurance of employees driving to work, however, if it is just a heavy rain, the casino is going to stay open, as it takes in workers who are not currently at work. They might actually see more business during these days than if the rest of the city was running. So, if you want to stop by the casino, make sure to keep an eye on the weather forecast. You might also want to contact the casino ahead of time, just to make sure you don’t venture out in the rain and heavy weather, only to find it’s closed.

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New Orleans and Baton Rouge Residents Race To Protect Their Properties Against Isaac

What Homeowners Can Do To Protect Their Property From Hurricanes

Protecting A Home From Hurricane Damage

The time to prepare for a hurricane isn’t when it’s about to hit. Before storm season purchase windows that are impact-resistant along with solid shutters. Doors should have sturdy deadbolt locks and windows need secure locks as well.

Take advantage of advanced warnings to cut and drill ¾” heavy plywood. Drill the pieces over the frames of all windows and outside facing glass doors. Metal shutters can be used as well. Tape across windows doesn’t help and is a waste of time.

Covering and securing the doors and windows on the entire house prevents wind from blowing inside. This can create an updraft that raises the roof off your home and can make the walls fold in. Brace your garage door for the same reason, and home improvement stores have kits available to brace them.

Straps can protect your roof in a hurricane, bolting your roof to the entire house. Roof tiles or shingles need to be secure. Roofing cement will fix loose tiles and protect the material underneath. Seal areas where water can enter the house, generally around wires or pipes.

Trim weak trees on your property and remove the dead ones. If large outdoor pots are on casters, roll them against the back wall of the garage.

Check if your home is in a storm surge zone to see if you will have to evacuate. Know where you need to go if you’re evacuated and how you’ll contact family members after the storm if you’re separated. If you won’t be evacuated, know which is the safest room in your house to ride out the hurricane.

Have a bag pre-packed with important items, like legal documents, cellphone and solar charger, prescriptions, and a change of durable clothes in case you have to leave in a hurry. If you stay in your prepare a survival kit with water, non-perishable food, a radio with extra batteries, a manual can opener, first aid kit, and other necessary items.

Stay tuned to the weather station for updates and forecasts. You need to be ready to leave in a moment’s notice. Those who live in mobile homes or houses that wouldn’t hold up in a hurricane force wind need to evacuate before others.

Take an inventory of your possessions and keep photos with your important documents to be used for identification or for insurance purposes. Keep your homeowner’s insurance up to date. Get other policies to fill in coverage gaps.

Preparedness will insure that your home is well protected and that you are as safe as possible during a hurricane. If your home or business has been damaged from a hurricane, contact a local restoration service company to get assistance with water removal, emergency repairs and reconstruction to help reduce the potential of mold or long term structural issues.

Tips For Cleaning Your Property Following A Sewer Backup

Cleaning up after sewer overflows can be a dirty job. Flood and sewer back flows contain fecal mater, bacteria, viruses and other disease causing agents. The water itself damages walls, floors and possessions the longer it sits. Sewer back flows and floods also typically send in large quantities of mud, muck and grime which can stain building materials and furniture. Injuries can also occur when cleaning up this type of damage. Electrical shock is one such common injury people suffer when trying to repair this type of damage on their own. It requires special safety equipment to clean up a Sewer Back Up. There are companies well versed in cleaning up sewer overflows.

Sewage clean up will help to remediate water damage caused by sewage back-flow. It is vital to dry out the affected area as quickly as possible. Water damage from flooding is a threat to your health and home. Standing water needs to be removed as soon as possible or it becomes a breeding ground for hazardous microorganisms. Immediate water removal and extraction will ensure no further damage happens to your home. Restoration Pros clean up crews are licensed, insured, and bonded and has the necessary training, equipment and supplies necessary to quickly remove all water at the disaster scene. Restoration Pros even has the ability to repair any structural damage that may have occurred due to the flooding, as well as decontaminate the flooded area once it is dry with microbial cleaners to kill germs. Restoration Pros will also remove any stains, odors and grime from the flooding, returning your home or business to pre flooding conditions.

Restoration Pros flood and sewage clean up team will take every necessary step to ensure that your home or business is returned to a safe and clean environment. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for any flooding or disaster calls. The sooner you act on a flood or sewage backflow, the less structural damage that will need to be repaired. We will repair the flood sources and use moisture detection devices to detect other problem areas in your residence. We will also conduct mold inspection to ensure there are no hidden sources of mold, mildew and fungi which can cause allergens and irritants as well as produce toxins. Our sanitation methods will kill any microbes and pathogens brought in by the flood waters.